Monday, 2 November 2009

I have been given folder 9, which means I’m going to be in deep with 20,000 leagues under the sea, which sounds very interesting, although a film or even films have been made I thought it would be ideal to read through the text and gain primary research rather than observing other creators ideas. Whilst researching through the text I will highlight relevant information that I feel contributes to a scene and can be applied to my preparatory concept paintings, enabling me to go into more depth with researching relative information and increase the areas of research, which should provide me with all the knowledge necessary to complete my paintings.

Whilst researching on the source material I was given I found out that there were actually three existing versions of “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”, which were made in 1916, 1954 and 1997. I thought that it would be ideal to research more into the original film that was made; watching “20,000 Leagues under the Sea (1916)” provided me with a solidity that gave me a clear idea of how my concept drawings could be improved and also appear. This film was deprived of CGI; most of the scenery seemed to be an excellently creative set design. Whilst watching the film I thought that the important factors were his ship the “nautilus” and Captain Nemo’s thirst for “revenge”, not much detail was paid to these aspects but they were mentioned and shown a lot within the film; when the “nautilus” was shown, it was isolated inside and above the ocean, due to the black and white footage it was difficult to tell was type of ambience surrounded the submarine, bubbles were also departing from the submarine, which gave me an idea of I could represent it under water.

Some shots contained people on top of the “nautilus”, which I think was a good for displaying the true magnitude of the submarine; maybe I could include people within my concept paintings to increase the understand of my environments true size and the content that it contains. Within the film the “nautilus” is not shown from as a whole only sections of the ship are shown; this may be due to limited detail, as I will be focusing on the environment this could be a good way of diverting a focus from the submarine to the scenery. Each environmental scene within the film was very ambient and was mostly noticeable from only the centre point of the shot, which is good for pinpointing certain or important areas of a scene. More detail was applied internally to the submarine as there are pipes, meters and wires, etc; this detail is good for helping me create ideas of how I am going to compose my own internal concept, it also helps me with my research on the structure of submarines.

I thought that this film used some excellent shots that I could replicate, whilst creating my preparatory concept paintings, due to the film being in monotone I will have to produce my own colours/tones to enhance description of the ambience within an environment, apart from this the film has helped me understand how compose a scene and generate detail within and around environments.

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