Monday, 30 November 2009

When I first read through this brief I was totally confused about what was meant to be accomplished or what a tableaux vivant was; after today’s lecture I have come to an awareness of what needs to be completed, a tableaux vivant is a living picture i.e. a story needs to be told from the tableaux vivant that I create, it also conveys a meaning through its arranged set production, which means that I will have to create a dramatic tableaux vivant in order to provide the best of results within my overall scene. A tableaux vivant describes a moment leaving the future as a what if moment, which I hope to achieve. From the top of my knowledge the scene that I have to create has to be made in an uncanny style, in other words the domestic environment I model and paint has to provide the scene with an unsafe feeling even though it appears safe.

Although I am aware of what a tableaux vivant is I am not sure of how I am going to approach my own scene, so I am going to research into artist that have created tableaux vivant’s, with styles that I find intriguing to broaden my knowledge of how they are composed and what essences they provide images with.

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