Monday, 2 November 2009

Whilst reading through one of my excerpts I became interested in a specific paragraph, which was set at morning, describing the “nautilus” travelling across an ocean at a “leisurely speed”; the text also mentions that the sea was “deserted” with nothing being “visible on the horizon” and also a “brisk westerly breeze” with wind that “made the ship roll”. I believe that all these factors are enough to create an environmental painting of an early morning sea; the “nautilus” will be included within my painting to create a comparison with the sea’s magnitude and also be affective for showing the effects that the Weatherly conditions has on any obstacles. To create this scene I need to research on some of the entities and machines within this chapter as I am unaware of how they look; ­I will look at the nautilus designs that have been created in previous films and also book illustrations if possible, I may even look at submarines to generate a more natural ideas for a futuristic nautilus design. For the Weatherly conditions I will research into fog, winds, the sea and also the sun from a horizontal view so that I gain an understanding of how everything is composed and know the basic colours that make up these natural entities.

In the next excerpt I read through, I gained an interest in a scene that took place underwater, which was located in a place called “the pintadine reef”, this paragraph mentions the suns intensity and how it affects the depths of the water, the sea’s bottom is described as having “fine sand” with” rocks”, various plantation and sea creatures; this underwater scene is very tropical and contains a variety of creatures that I will need to research into, so that I have a basic idea of how they will be composed within my digital painting, researching into the underwater plantations will also enable me to understand how the basically look and were they are actually located in the water, so that the concept painting I create for this chapter actually looks like an underwater environment, the creatures may also have distinctive colours or vibrancy that may contribute to the actual environment itself, that is why I think it is ideal that I research into these aspects of the script.

After reading through my third and final excerpt I found a page that contained detail into a scene located underwater, which described the atmosphere and content of rocky landscapes, including an “800” foot “mountain”, “rocks” that “criss – crossed” over each other, “natural towers” and also walls, which “defied the laws of gravity”; this scene is totally different from the previous underwater location in the second excerpt selected, containing a more hazardous and rough environment. Although I have images in my head of how this concept painting will look, I still want to research into mountains and stone hedges to gain knowledge of how they appear in general and also in underwater environment. Applying the mountain to my painting will increase the depth within the image and also reveal the scale of the ocean and compare the surrounding environment.

Whilst researching into these aspect I will produce draft sketches of each scene, creating a back, mid and foreground within the sketches. This will also provide me with primary ideas rather than looking at other oceans and how they are laid out, I prefer to design my own scenes, whilst researching into objects I am unaware of.

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