Monday, 7 December 2009

Although this film had a comic feel, it did have creative ways of projecting the uncanny and superstitious environments; the ways in, which the characters were contrasted with different emotions from their normal states, being portrayed with aggression rather than a calm positive personality. The way that people reacted towards the alien specimens and the way the invaded bodies themselves acted were totally different from ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, which consisted of a much more subtle approach to the invasion and existence of another being. There are also strange new environments within this film, which creates an impact on the alienated feeling, causing curiosity within the environment itself.

‘Invaders from Mars' used the repetition of footage excellently; rather than the footing seeming endlessly repetitive, it actually flowed, which makes this section of the film seem as if it was actually intended to come out this way. The excellent ending; of the aliens attacking, being a dream was probably one of the first times it was used in cinema, which I think it should be acknowledged for as it has been used many time since this film was made.

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