Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Although my stories contain good ideas I think that I need to take a step back and revise the reality and belief of their actual contents, since I am seriously considering to use a primitive pirate I thought that it would be wise to make sure that the world he is located in makes total sense, (there is not point having an ancient pirate, hold a modern fire extinguisher, it just wouldn’t make sense). I am planning to keep the story similar but change the design of the objects and some of the story, so that viewers are fully aware of what is happening and what is going to happen before it takes place.

Act 1:

The (short) pirate is basically on his ship and travelling between rocky/grassy mountains, the pirate goes to his treasure chest and notices that its empty, he then raids his pockets and reveals that there is nothing inside accept fluff/ dust. As this is taking place the pirates ship bumps (slightly crashes) into the edges of one side of the mountains, causing the pirate to snap back into reality. In a fatedly coincidence the pirate notices a cable car in, which the rich used to travel safely (it is not too far from where the pirate is located).

Act 2:

The pirate is now on the mountains (opposite side of the cable car), waiting for the rich to finish their journey so he can rob their riches from the wealthy and use the cable car as an escape route. As the cable car come to a halt the pirate jumps out of hiding and attempts to rob the bystanders; the people do not take the pirate seriously due to his extremely short height and find him more funny than dangerous, until his brings out a huge gun from his small trousers, the pirate then escapes, starting a new journey in the cable car. As his journey begins the pirate is relaxing/bathing in the valuables that he seized from the innocent people. Half way through his journey the cable car, stops moving, (the vines attached to the car have become stuck) in the middle of the mountains the pirate becomes frustrated as his scheme did not go according to plan, in the corner of the cable car the pirate notices a bucket of water, which he wants to use to lubricate vine wires in hope that it will regulate the vehicle. The pirate tries lifting the bucket but it is too heavy, he tries kicking and all sorts of actions but the bucket doesn’t move an inch. In a last attempt the pirate draws for his gun and points it at the bucket of water. The pirate pulls the trigger and the bullet Ricochets off the wall and hits the bucket at an angle causing the water to land right on the pirates head.

Act 3:

Unfortunately for the pirate the cable car starts to move after all his attempts have failed, as its doors open the pirate exits wiping the water from his face. In depression and self pity the pirate removes a plank from the cable car, places it at the edge of the cliff and walks the plank off of the cliff.

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