Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I found psycho very interesting as I could remotely see where many films got their ideas and referencing from, psycho was one of Alfred Hitchcock most influential films, which set the standards for future horror films.

The films storyline is structured around a woman (Marion Crane), who flees from her place of origin to escape an employer that she stole from, unaware that the new place she has move to is operated by an awkward individual. This film is probably one of the first to transfer from hide and seek to horror, whilst converting between the two we become more informed of the motive of the murderer (Norman Bates).

Alfred Hitchcock was successful in creating intensive scenes throughout the film, which positively affected the way in, which the film was portrayed. Psycho was edited in a way that suited the horror genre, giving the film a better understanding to its viewers. I believe that the most effective and memorable scene from this film would have to be ‘the shower’ scene, which show those who view that the murderer has no emotion (the camera never shows him) he only has one move and that is violence; the camera focuses on the knife and the victim indicating the important factors of this scene.

Psycho was and still is one of the most moving horror films directed by Alfred Hitchcock and its form and tonality is what separates it from generic horrors of the modern times, hopefully in the future there will be one just as successful.

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