Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s other films, Rope very interesting in the sense that it was one of the first films to restrict the use of editing and create unnoticeable cut within scenes.

The film is basically about two men who murder someone in their class and hide the person in their own house, which is where the story becomes much more interesting, not only do they hide the body there but they have a party, within the same room that the body is hidden.

The film is set within the apartment for a majority of its duration, which creates a upholding suspense (leave you thinking, when will the body be found). The way in , which the cameras positioning was conmnstructed enable the eye to be fooled; those who view are made to feel as if the camera has taking a long (consistent) shot. An interesting thing that I thought Alfred Hitchcock showed throughout his film was the constant transition of time, which gave the film a more realistic feeling.

Rope uses excellent camera techniques to establish constant fluency through its camera capturing and fool viewers into believing time has gone by. In modern film editing shots are edited in very short periods, although Rope is a prime example of a film that, restricts from this fashion, using an interesting storyline to compel its viewers.

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