Monday, 8 March 2010

Unit 5 already, this year has gone so quick, now I have experience a project based around the Maya interface I think it is only right to learn about the fundamentals of animation; the knowledge and understanding of 2D animation is very important as it, shares a strong relationship with 3D animation and also provide useful techniques that I can use in the future. As part of this project I have been asked to produce a one minute structure animation, which should be established according to the two word combinations I was randomly given. The word and object that I was given, were a ‘CuckooClock’ and ‘Conceited’ in this case knee object is called:

The Conceited Cuckoo Clock, I think it would be best to research the word and object that I have been given as I have no internal knowledge of them, I must say that I think this one will be a toughie, but hopefully the outcome will be successful, if so the combination will definitely be interesting.

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