Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Story Idea 1:

A cuckoo clock is actually formed in the shape of a house and contains a bird therefore this can be the a conceited birds house, when the clock strikes 12 the doors of the clock open and out comes this very posh bird, with a conceited personality, the only question is what actions can this bird do to produce fluency and comical entertainment throughout the animation.

Story Idea 2:

I was basically thinking about, which generation consisted of mostly conceited people and the first thought that came into my head would have to be the 1800's, when people spoke very posh and thought highly of themselves, once again I am thinking of using the bird from the cuckoo clock, to take on a sort of Sherlock Holmes personality, trying to solve some sort of mystery, I think this idea could be very interesting.

Story Idea 3:

I also think that it would be effective to use the whole of the clock. It could start of striking at the hour and its doors open then it begins a sort of chain transformation (obviously it will not be extremely exaggerated) ending up as a sort posh clock, I was thinking about giving him a sort of army general (identity) consisting of a very vain and prideful personality.

To expand these stories and make them more interesting more research needs to be carried out on the key aspects of my stories, if anyone has any ideas or additional suggestions feel free to comment. If any new ideas pop into my head they will be updated.

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