Monday, 8 March 2010

The word conceited can be defined in various ways, but share similar meanings such as:

· A person who believes they are or is witty/ intelligent.

· A fanciful/ posh/ high maintenance person (Higher class pride).

· Having a high/ exaggerated opinion of oneself or things that one has accomplished.

In this sense my Cuckoo Clock could have false pride or an exaggerated sense of self impotents, ‘the question is how I am going to make a Cuckoo Clock do this successfully’. The Clock could also have an attitude of its self – conceited arrogance, disregard for anyone but itself or vain about itself, some story ideas, should give me a clearer idea of how to successful portray the Cuckoo Clock as a conceited object.

To understand how a Cuckoo Clock can project a sense of conceit I have research and boldend important factors that could be exaggerated to show conceit. A Cuckoo Clock strikes ever hour using its small bellows and pipes, which are actually mean to imitate a Cuckoo bird. The Clock is made in a traditional style and can be hanged on a wall. Most Cuckoo Clocks contain a carved Cuckoo bird hidden in doors above the clock piece, which move back and forth every hour.

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