Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ok, for my narrative structure I thought it would be Ideal to break my three acts in to the three most important stages of a ‘Ferns’ reproductive cycle. Below is a brief summary of the three act structure I intend to produce;

Act 1:

· The ‘Fern’ plant starts off at its original state, but at its sporophyte stage.

· The ‘Fern’ then produces and releases its spores, by the process meiosis.

Act 2:

· The spores begin to grow into a gametophyte, by the process mitosis

· The gametophyte then produces gametes, by the same process.

· The egg that is attached to the prothallus then becomes fertilized.

Act 3:

· After the eggs fertilization stage it becomes a diploid zygote.

· It then turns into grows, becoming a ‘Fern’ plant (sporite).

Now I need to produce a much more fluent and informal description of the ‘Fern’ plants life cycle, which will help me produce a more effective set of storyboards.

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