Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Act 1:

The scene begins with a ‘Fern’ plant at its mature sporophyte stage, the spores underneath the ‘Fern’ plants leaves will be then shown and slightly later the ‘Fern’ plant will release its spores, which will travel to the ground.

Act 2:

After the spores have been released (I will only show this process for one of the spores) one will begin to grow/turn into a gametophyte. The gametophyte will then produce gametes, which will produce sperm to fertilize the egg.

Act 3:

After the eggs have become fertilized, a new sporite (Fern Plant) will grow out of the gametophyte.

Although I am clear on how I will structure my sequences I still need to gain an understanding of duration of a ‘Fern’ Plants reproductive life cycle; this will enable me to know how to set all my scenes and produce the correct lighting and environment for my animation, now its time to get cracking with the creative work.


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