Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My target audience is going to be 18 – 22 year olds, as this is the average age group for university students. Using the internet I researched into this age range and found out what programme genres are most commonly watched. The most commonly watched programmes are; reality, soap, action and drama, out of these four genres I think that a realistic or dramatic approach would be best suited for my future animation, I think it’s important to know what sort of programmes this age group watches, as the final animation has to appeal to their age. I also researched into the attention span of 18- 22 year olds who watched these programmes; apparently the statistics show that the majority of 18- 22 year olds, viewed footage for approximately 8 seconds before becoming distracted, this means that when I do produce my animation I will need to make sure that it is of a speedy pace in order to ensure that those, who view do not loose attention, as this may result in the viewers missing out on vital sections/stages of the animation and the reproductive cycle.

I also produced and distributed a survey, which asked a couple of questions, such as what the ages of the participants were, if they knew what a fern plant was and also if they knew about its life cycle. 72% of my participants were aged 18 – 22 years, out of this 72%, 50% of them knew what a fern plant was, but only 15% of them actually knew the reproductive cycle of a fern plant, which means that I am going to have to make my animation as informative and understanding as possible in order to produce an effective was of portraying a ‘Ferns’ life cycle to those who may view my animation.

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