Saturday, 6 February 2010

Story Idea 3: An adventure sequence, divided mountains (with river)

· Pirate starts journey inside the cable car, looking at map with descriptive information, highlighting a treasure.

· Pirate then puts his map away and uses a telescope to look in the distance, noticing a treasure chest in the distance.

· As he gets closer to the apparent treasure the wire connecting to the cable car starts loosen, causing the machine to shake.

· The cautious pirate become suspicious knowing that he cannot risk losing the treasure, so he climbs to the top of the car.

· As the bolts connecting the cable car start to loosen, the pirate grabs onto the wire.

· As the cable car fall into the river at the bottom of the mountains, the pirate swings downwards in the direction of the departed machine, lading perfectly onto its roof.

· As the pirate gets closer to the treasure he prepares to jump onto the rocky surface.

· The pirate slowly approaches the treasure making sure there are no dangerous traps, the pirate then kneels down and opens the treasure chest and the fire extinguisher is revealed to him.

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