Saturday, 6 February 2010

Story Idea 2: A comedy sequence, mountains (where cable cars are located)

· A (very short) ancient pirate hides behind rocks on the opposite side of the mountains waiting for an approaching cable car and its passengers, ready to highjack the vehicle and its contents.

· As the cable car comes to a halt and the doors open the pirate jump in front of the machine, only to realise that it is empty and no one is inside.

· He enters just to clarify that there is not valuables and end up being trap inside the cable car, which then travels back, taking the pirate half way across the mountains.

· Stuck in the middle of the mountain, the pirate becomes frustrated, as nothing he scheme did not go according to plan.

· In the corner the pirate notices a unrecognisable object (fire extinguisher), which draws his attention, thinking it is part of the reason for the cable car stopping.

· The pirate tries to lift the fire extinguisher but it is too heavy, he tries kicking and all sorts of actions but the fire extinguisher does not move.

· In a last attempt the pirate draws for his gun and points it at the extinguisher, shooting the cylinder, the whole cable car becomes cover in foam including the (short) pirate himself.

· In amazement the cable starts moving again, reaching its destination (other side of mountain), as its doors open the pirate exits wiping foam of his face.

· In depression and self pity the pirate briefly walks away and returns with a plank or some sort of sustainable material from the cable car and walks the plank of the mountain.

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