Saturday, 6 February 2010

Story Idea 1: An action sequence, rocky mountain/ terrains (where cable cars are located)

· Starts with (Modern) pirate running away from somewhere or something, looking backwards occasionally.

· As he is running he suddenly stops looking back once more before checking to see his gun is operating properly.

· Walking forwards he comes towards the slightly distanced terrain with only one cable car linking between both sides.

· The pirate hears noises and in desperation, he takes the risk and slides down the wire using his gun as a supporting brace.

· Just as the strap on the gun is about to break he lands on top of the cable car on the opposite side of the terrain, but his gun drops.

· He then scans the car making sure it is clear, and jumps down, noticing there is a fire extinguisher within the machine.

· The pirate rapidly enters the cable car, smashing the components and dousing them with high pressured water.

· Exiting the car the pirate runs fast, in fear, knowing the cable car could explode any minute; just in time as the car explode the pirate dives to safety.

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